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My Author Home Books and My Author Home Reviews seeks reviewers. Reviewers for My Author Home will review books available for sale at My Author Home Books and post their reviews on site. When you review for My Author Home Reviews, you may review any books. To become a reviewer, complete the form.

Terms & Conditions For Reviewers

  1. Reviewers agree to abide by all Terms and Conditions for My Author Home Books and My Author Home Reviews.
  2. Reviewers for My Author Home Books agree to review books only available for sale on the site and to only post their reviews on the site.
  3. Reviewers for My Author Home Reviews may review any book, including one received from another review site or the author and may post reviews on multiple sites including other vendors such as Amazon or other review sites including their own.
  4. Reviewers for My Author Home Reviews agree to abide by the terms and policies of any review site for which they are reviewing books, including any exclusivity of reviews.
  5. If another review site contacts My Author Home Reviews and indicates that a reviewer has violated their policies (especially in regard to exclusive content), we will remove the review if deemed appropriate and reserve the right to terminate the reviewer relationship.
  6. My Author Home has the final say on what book reviews may be posted on either My Author Home Books or My Author Home Reviews. Though we will not censor negative reviews. (We do ask that reviewers try to find at least one positive thing to say about a book that is constructive.)
  7. My Author Home Books and My Author Home Reviews will not publish reviews which directly attack the author or which find fault with things outside the author’s control.
  8. Reviewers are required to review a book within 45 days of receiving it. Failure to review a book will halt any further book requests until the book is reviewed.
  9. All reviewers will have their first three reviews moderated. After that, continued moderation is at the discretion of My Author Home and its staff.

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